Issues while scanning Barcode in Microsoft Dynamics AX2012


  1. While printing it was showing Item code instead of barcode as shown below:Barcode print issue
  2. after resolving the above issue the barcode was unable to scan.


For Issue 1) :

Fonts need to be installed on the reporting server as well.

In normal scenarios, reporting server is different than AOS , so any report displaying  on screen is using the fonts configuration from the AOS server but while printing or exporting it is using the reporting server fonts configuration.

For Issue 2) :

To identify the scanning issue I write the following job:

static void checkBarcode(Args _args)
BarcodeSetupId barcodeSetupId;
BarcodeSetup barcodeSetup;
Barcode barcode;
     str retrnBarcode;

barcodeSetup = BarcodeSetup::find(‘fa’);
barcode = barcodeSetup.barcode();
    if (barcodeSetup.validateBarcode(‘FURN-000000035’))
barcode.string(true, ‘FURN-000000035’);
       throw(error(strfmt(“The barcode value is not compatible with its type. Type =%1.             Value = %2.”, barcode.barcodeType(), ‘FURN-000000035’)));

retrnBarcode = barcode.barcodeStr(); //shows the string that will be printed on         barcode


Most of the scanners works on some specific barcode types, in my case I was using C39 but it was unable to scan due to missing asterisk ‘*’ sign due to font size.

for example :

Item Code : ‘FURN-000000035’

barcode : *FURN-000000035*

once you get the above string from the job, you can copy and paste on word and change it to specific barcode type in word document and test you respective scanners by printing the word document on plain paper. and customize you barcode string accordingly if needed.


Happy Daxing with Rizz 😉

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